Jessica Yaacoub adult picture

Jessica Yaacoub

Technology Implementation Specialist

Jessica was born in Lebanon the year the civil war ended. Her family moved to the United States in 2009 seeking a better life. She is so passionate about languages and found English to be fascinating and wanted to learn everything there is to know. She majored in Linguistics at Wayne State University and later on decided to pursue a double major in Computer Science. Jessica has traveled to different parts of the world, most of the Middle East, parts of Europe and recently she went to the West Caribbean. Jessica’s favorite place remains her country of birth, Lebanon. Her love for languages has led her to learn and Master 3 languages including, Arabic, French and English. She says that French is her favorite out of the Three because it is the most expressive in her opinion. Jessica’s Favorite pastime hobby is scuba diving. She got certified 3 years ago and has since fallen in love with the underwater world. She has gone shipwreck diving in the Great lakes, the largest body of fresh water in the world, she has also seen the famous “West Wall” of corals in the Grand Cayman Islands. Jessica’s favorite quote about language is “Language is the armory of the human mind, and at once contains the trophies of its past and the weapons of its future conquests.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Working at Bromberg has been everything Jessica hoped it would be. Her favorite thing about working here is being able to problem solve and be creative while developing various skills along the way. Knowing that this industry is making a difference in breaking language barriers is her main motivation. If she was the world leader, she would remove borders. The world would look a lot different if we were not separated by boundaries that we have created.