Jinny Bromberg


Jinny started her career in the language industry early on in life and has always been passionate about different languages, cultures, and communication access. She began Bromberg from her basement in 1999 and developed the business as a single mom – holding her baby daughter with one arm while talking on the phone with the other.

Jinny has traveled to many countries and says that the world is too beautiful to pick only one favorite place. She can get by in Georgian and Ukrainian, and would like to learn ASL, because “it’s very expressive”. Her favorite pastime is jet skiing.

Jinny’s favorite quote about translation is “Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes” by Gunter Grass.

Jinny is the first state-certified Russian interpreter in Michigan. She creates and implements training courses and workshops for developing and enhancing the skills of interpreters and translators.

Her strongest quality is tenacity. She is a workaholic whose favorite thing about her job is having never-ending opportunities to learn, as well as seeing the passion of people who are in this industry.

If she was the world leader, she would first change language access and language learning policies and attitudes.